Why are short films still essential?

Short films are the same motion pictures as other but with less running time making it not a feature film. In the context of the film industry, it's a very old concept of making a film for a short running time and presents it to studios and production houses. It was a talent hunt thing which creators would do their own and find the funding later for their bigger or extended projects. This way the money is saved, short films take less funding. The motive was not just for creating it and presenting it to studios, many of the time they were shown on the TV for the awareness or promotion of any sort of things. If we talk about the global cinema, the concept of short films was the basis of our conventional cinema.

Now in the context of a viewer, short films stand as a complimentary shot we get with the meal. They are seen as free entertainment that is and should be available at ease; YouTube, T.V., Cinema hall with the movie they came to see. This is a harsh but more of an advantage for the creators. It doesn’t get the same reputation but creates the same impact as a feature film.

Coming to the question: Why are they still essentials? I would rather answer; for who are they still essentials, as it will answer the former as well. For the industry, it’s still the basic mark for new talent. For the creator it is a way of telling a unique story in a very unique way; for them, it’s a platform to show how capable they are with the craft they intend to create. They can speak their heart out with a film with a small running time with a greater impact. It’s an old saying- Fewer words speak more. Short films are a great example of the scenario. If not just time but the platform itself is a great opportunity to put an argument or an opinion in front of the viewers.

From some time short films are taken as a platform for stating an issue and forming a notion, from both the sides; creator and viewer. After the revolution of the internet, people surf more on YouTube watching many videos and talking about it. It’s easy now to reach to the viewer and for the viewers to reach the creation. It gives rise to the issue of what is been transferred to the people. With good things come the bad, YouTube is full of junk and a film must stand out and pacify the wrong doings of bad content. This becomes essential for the viewers to reach those short films that will shape thinking and behaviour. Though it’s not a new concept but taken as one for spreading the message. And not just social issues but a branding tool for various entities. Short films are marking their presence in many businesses and sectors and seen as a great tool for mediating the message, issues and propaganda. Creators and viewers have to make this medium more meaningful and useful in this very environment.

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Priyesh Chouksey
Creative Associate


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